How To Begin Raising Healthy, Fertile, and Productive Quail, no matter where you live, as a Hobby, or to Generate an Income.

If you want to raise Quail the right way, instead of WASTING MONEY on Quail that die or don't lay eggs, you need to read this...

Gary Ortlieb

Gary Ortlieb,

Raising Quail is fun, interesting and profitable. But be aware, that it also can be costly, nothing but problems and very discouraging.

You want to Raise Your Quail correctly from the start, but you have a ton of questions....

  • How much will it cost to get started?
  • Do you have enough space and how much is required for Raising Quail?
  • What kind of equipment is required to Raise Quail?
  • What type of cages are needed for Quail?

If you're new to raising these birds, I would suggest starting out small. Keep your cost down at the beginning, let your knowledge in Breeding Quail grow, then the size of your flock.

You may also be thinking,

  • What is this you hear about needing an incubator, don't Quail hatch their own eggs?
  • What is this brooder you keep hearing about and what does it have to do with Raising Quail?
  • Who sells this type of equipment?
  • Where can you find high quality Quail Eggs, that will hatch?
  • What type of questions should you be asking, before purchasing?

When Raising Quail, an incubator is a must have, it's very rare for Quail to hatch their own eggs in captivity. Having the right brooding method in place, that best fits your needs, is also very important. Once your Quail Eggs hatch and become living and breathing chicks, you don't want to lose them, due to an improper Brooding setup.

So, what is Brooding? A Brooder gives you the ability to contain the Quail Chicks in a controlled environment with proper heat, food, water, space and air. These little guys need all of those components coming together correctly to survive, until they feather out.

Maybe You've Already Started Raising Quail...

You may already be Raising Quail and are seeing problems such as:

  • Poor Hatch Rates, just not seeing the numbers you had expected.
  • When you get your Quail Eggs to hatch, the chicks are dying in a couple days.
  • You could be experiencing, your Quail Pecking each other or cannibalism.
  • Maybe you're having Breeding problems, the male and female Quail just don't seem to get along to well.
  • You could also be wondering what you should be feeding your Quail Chicks, Breeders, Meat birds or Release Quail.

...or your females are just not laying eggs.

These are all common questions, that anybody who wants to start Raising Quail should be asking. It brings to mind, the old saying; "The only stupid questions, are the ones never asked."

Raising Quail is Nothing Like Raising Chickens

We raised chickens for years and our thinking was, Raising Quail wouldn't be much different. Wow, were we wrong, I can't even remember the amount of birds we lost, due to this completely wrong line of thinking. Raising Quail, on the ground with chickens was a train wreck waiting to happen. This was just our first, in quite a long line of mistakes. We started out with all the wrong ideas and couldn't seem to get things turned around. Our hatch rates were low, chicks were dying, breeders killing each other and the layers were not producing as expected.

It Became Time To Walk Away From The Idea of Raising Quail.

We reached the point of realizing, we had no idea, how to Raise Quail. Just keep the birds we had and when they're gone, we're done, no sense in wasting anymore money. We couldn't just Google it to find out what we were doing wrong, heck, there wasn't even any computers back then much less the internet. There wasn't any books on the subject, or at least we couldn't find any. We felt like there was no place or anybody to help us out, enough is enough....

Help was just a phone call away... As far as we were concerned it was all but over, when, I guess you could call it fate stepped in. We were going to a family outing and hard boiled some Quail Eggs to take along, they were always a good conversation piece. During one of those conversations, one of us mentioned how poor our results had been, Raising Quail. Turned out that one of our relatives who we didn't see that often, had a friend who had been Raising these birds for quite some time and really enjoyed it. He hooked us up and we finally found an experienced Quail Breeder to answer most of our questions. Things didn't turn around right away, but our Quail Raising venture started to show some promise.

Learning How To Raise Quail Is The Key Factor.

Now that we had a way to get the right information on Raising Quail, we were able to find all the things we were doing wrong. Again, not like raising chickens, in fact, we found out that even having chickens around, could cause major damage and decimation to a Flock of Quail. After almost a year of heartbreak and loss, all phases of this venture started improving. We began seeing the results expected from the beginning, the information we received was invalueable.

Now, knowing what I know and the success we've had, I want to pass this knowledge along. It's heartbreaking to have eggs in an incubator with the anticipation of watching the shells start to crack open and nothing happens. Having chicks that do hatch, die in a couple days, for unknown reasons and having females that don't lay eggs.

My problem was, how do I get this key information into the hands of the people who really want to learn about Raising Quail. I want to help people start out right and not have all the wrong concepts, as we did. So I decided to try and compile everything that I have learned through my experiences into an e-book. I want to give you the best Raising Quail information that I possibly can. That Will Save You Heartache And Money.

When Raising Quail, Avoidable Mistakes Can be Costly!

When wanting to Raise Quail, trial and error is much to costly. It's better for you, and makes more sense, to understand what is involved.

Knowing how to do it right will prevent unnecessary stress on your Quail, and more importantly, ON YOU!

You can't prevent or solve every problem that can arise when Raising Quail. But by being informed and having all our experience and that of others by your side, you can address all of the problems that can be prevented in Raising Your Quail.

You're about to learn everything you need to know about starting and managing your Quail Farm and limit your risk of a disastrous beginning.

Click on the bars below, to see what you can learn from our e-book.

Sections 1 thru 5

Do I need a Permit?__ (page 6)

Here you will find links for most States that you can follow to get permit information for Raising Quail.

The Type of Equipment you need__ (page 7)

This detailed equipment guide will show you the different styles of incubators and will help you pick the incubator that is exactly right for your Quail Raising needs. It will also show you the different brooders to help you decide which one will work best for the amount of Quail you plan to Raise.

Choosing the Right Breed of Quail__ (page 15)

This section will show you the best species of Quail for the beginner to start out Raising such as the Coturnix Quail or the Bob White Quail.

Artificial Lighting__ (page 19)

When you are Raising Quail you may want eggs most of the year. This is a brief discussion about using electric lighting to induce your Quail into a longer laying season. It is discussed in more detail in the Quail Breeding section.

Coop Construction and Materials__ (page 20)

Your detailed quail coop construction guide for grow out pens and pairing cages. In this section you will also find details on the proper materials to use. From this section you will also be able to determine the amount of space needed to Raise your Quail.

Sections 6 thru 9

Incubation__ (page 31)

This will guide you through the proper way of handling your Quail Eggs before Incubation. What and what not to do. You will also receive detailed guides of proper temperature, humidity and Egg Turning techniques. The information in this section alone can save you at least $65.00 in short term on your first batch of eggs.

Beak Trimming and Culling__ (page 40)

This will give you different options for beak trimming and the how, when and why this should be done. It will also talk about what culling is and what to look for during the Raising Quail Process.

Brooding__ (page 42)

Once you have a good hatch rate by reading the Incubation section. Brooding guides you through keeping your Quail Chicks alive. It will take you through all of the essentials. Having the correct Brooding Temperatures, the right type of Brooding environment and how much room is required for the amount of Quail Chicks in Brooding.

Feeding the Chicks__ (page 57)

This section will guide you through the process of becoming both mother and father to your Quail Chicks. You will have everything you need to know about the proper feeding and what type of food to feed your Quail Chicks. This section will also guide you through choosing the right watering device to keep your Quail Chicks from Drowning.

Sections thru 13

Grow Out Management__ (page 60)

This section will address the proper timing to move your Quail to their grow out pens. The amount of time from brooding to grow out pens will very due to different Breeds of Quail. This guide will assist you in determining when the time is right for moving the Quail to these pens.

Feeding Guide__ (page 72)

This feeding guide will take you through the proper types of food to give your Quail to keep them healthy. It will assist you in the proper feed if you are Raising Quail For Meat. The food for Layers and the vitamins and protein required. It will also help you keep your amount of food lose down by using the right type of feeding devices. This will help save you money.

Breeding Quail and Breeder Quail__ (page 64)

This section will take you through the process of picking the right birds as your Quail Breeders, Meat Birds and your Quail for Release. It will also give you different options you have available for Pairing Your Breeders.

Sexing Quail__ (page 76)

This is a very brief section on Sexing Bob White Quail, Coturnix Quail, Gambel Quail and Valley Quail.

Sections 14 thru 17

Egg Care__ (page 82)

This is a guide to handling Quail Eggs, collection and storage. Not Handling the Quail Eggs Properly could Prevent Them From Hatching.

Cannibalism__ (page 85)

There are several factors that can contribute to Cannibalism. In this section these factors will be discussed and how to prevent this from happening in your Quail Raising Venture.

Management__ (page 88)

When Raising Quail, Management is Extremly Important. This guide will assist you in setting up a cleaning schedule. In order to keep your Quail healthy you will have to maintain a clean environment for the Quail to live in. Once your Quail have reached maturity and your job of parenting is over. It is time for the Quail to start giving back. This is why you invested your time and money. Your ability to perform proper management will become a major factor in determining if your Quail will now make you money.

Preparing Quail for Eating or Freezing__ (page 96)

If Raising Quail for consumption. This section is a guide to preparing your Meat Quail for your table or for a paying customer.

Prevent Just 10 Quail from Dying, and save at least $1000.00.

If you could save just 10 Quail from dying on your first batch of Eggs, you would save about $1000.00 dollars in the first year alone. Of course you can look at it in a way of only losing the cost of the Quail Eggs, no big deal, right. However, add to that the exponential factor that those 10 Quail won't be laying eggs for you this season, you've now lost over $1000.

Here's what I mean by this statement; one female quail is capable of laying around 200 eggs per season, more or less. For the sake of this example, we'll say they lay 150 in one season. That's 1500 eggs, gone due to the loss of the 10 eggs, provided they were female, that didn't hatch or chicks that died. Again figuring on the extreme low end, cost of eggs, $1.00 apiece, that's $1500 gone, minus the cost of food and time. Which would probably be around $200 in food, plus whatever your time is worth to you.

With that being said; imagine you just received your first batch of Quail Eggs. Your all excited, your Incubator is ready to go and you can't wait to see your Quail Eggs start Hatching. Each day seems like a month as your anticipation continues to grow.

Finally, the day comes to stop turning the eggs and you should start seeing them move around a little, because the chicks should begin breaking through. Two days pass, and the worry of failure has now set in. You're still hoping and give them a couple more days, still nothing. Reality, begins to set in and you realize, this batch of Quail Eggs has been lost. You know all the instrutions that came with the incubator were followed to the letter. Now you begin questioning yourself.

What if I told you, that one simple tip from "The Beginner's Guide to Raising Quail" e-book could have prevented this from happening. That one little tip, could have probably changed this disastrous outcome and saved you, not only the money, but the disappointment as well.

Well today, you can get our e-book, with the many years of Quail Raising experience poured into it, for just $19.00. Sale Price Today, $14.25!

At this price, it's a minor investment compared to possibly losing your whole First Batch of Quail Eggs because you didn't know, How to Incubate Quail.

Imagine having ALL Your Quail Chicks Die because you didn't know One Simple Tip to Correctly Brood or Feed your Quail.

Once You Have Gained The Knowledge To Start Raising Quail!

Now is the time to get your Incubator, Brooder, Brooding Area, Grow Out Pens and Breeding Cages ready. You need to grab all the Raising Quail knowledge you can and be ready to start.

If you've been "thinking" about this exciting Hobby and haven't started yet, then put away your excuses and... try it out..

Over 3500 "Beginner's Guide To Raising Quail" E-books have been purchased and Downloaded, all over the World.

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Hi Gary,
It's fathers day and my family and I just finished our first meal of the quail I raised. We have enjoyed eggs the last few weeks but had not had any of the birds. They were very good and my family enjoyed them. I paired up my hens three weeks ago and saved some extra males and cleaned the rest. I put the last couple of day's eggs in the incubator and hope to repeat the process. I wanted to say thanks for your e-book and support; both have been very helpful in starting my new hobby. So thank you very much and I wish you and yours the very best.
Greg Brooks

Hi Gary,
I read "The Beginner's Guide to Raising Quail" very often as a reference guide. I printed it out and it sits on my kitchen counter, so if I am not sure what to do in a certain situation we use the e-book as a guide line to what will work for us. I got to say; "the Whole e-book has been very good." It has been very informative about over crowding and the effects of it. My favourite part of the e-book is the section on how to prevent disease, that has been most informative.
DIG Quail Farm,
David & Iva Prater owners,
Eldon, Mo

Hi Gary,
Thanks for your follow up, I have been meaning to write to you about the success of your e-book! Yes, I was able to download your e-book and bonuses, they were wonderful! The reason I wanted your e-book was because my daughter lives in Texas and is married to a very nice man and his father is raising quail, but he didn't know much about it and they kept dying on him. So when I got back from visiting them in Texas I got on line and found your e-book.

I was so impressed with all the information you had to offer that I printed every page of your e-book and all the bonuses and put them in a binder with index tabs so it would be easy to identify each chapter ~ it actually turned out really nice. I sent this binder (your e-book) to the father-in-law and he absolutely loved it! So much so that he gave my daughter the money to buy me a plane ticket to fly from California to Texas just so I could visit my daughter and grand children and see the in-laws again. What a wonderful surprise that was! See what your e-book did? Magic, that is for sure! Thanks to you and your e-book, I fly for free to Texas the end of July to see my family and extended family.

Thank you very much for all the hard work and effort you have made to make it easy to understand how to raise quail! There is a lot of Good information in your e-book, and the father-in-law was super impressed with it and really liked the Quail Recipes!
Thanks once again for making a lot of people very happy!
Terri Houchen,
California, USA

Hi Gary,
I purchased "The Beginner's Guide to Raising Quail" because I needed information on raising quail, from what I read on your website the e-book interested me. It had the information I wanted...hey, lets face it....the price was reasonable as well. I purchased it and started reading it that same day!

Three things I like best about the e-book...first, the information is very valuable...second, it was extremely easy to read and understand....third, the price again...I hunted around on the internet for e-books and some of them were abit much.

The strongest feature to this e-book has to be the INFORMATION! I started reading this e-book and was amazed, I didn't want to stop reading it!!
Dean and Pam Lillie,
Cambridge, Ontario Canada

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  • You could Really Impress Your Family and Friends with 1 of These 44 Delicious Quail and Egg Recipes.
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e-book filled with tips on raising quail
  • An Easy To Follow List of Tips on Raising Quail. These Tips will Help with all Stages of a Quails Life.
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e-book filled with tips on marketing and managing quail
  • Quail Management and Marketing Tips. Your Management Habits will Determine Success or Failure when Raising Quail.
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you have 30 days to evaluate The Beginners Guide To Raising Quail

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e-books, the beginner's guide to raising quail plus 4 bonus e-books

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