Frequent Asked Questions

Q.) Where is my book? I ordered it a month ago!

A.) It's clearly stated on all sales pages, that all books are e-books. Which means they're electronic books, to be read on your computer, any other type of digital reading device or printed out on your printer. You will receive nothing in the mail. There are no hard copies! All books mentioned on this site are e-books. However, we will send an email containing the e-books as attachments upon your request by email to:

Q.) What if I have trouble downloading the e-books?

A.) As mentioned in the previous answer, send us an email to: and we will be happy to email your purchase to you as attachments.

Q.) Will I need any kind of special software or program to open or read the e-books?

A.) All e-books are in pdf format, which is the most universally used document type. It's highly unlikely that whatever type of device you're using would not be able to open these files. If you're using a computer and for some odd reason it doesn't have the software installed to open these files. You can download and install it for free, from here: Adobe Reader. Another option available, if there's a problem opening the pdf is to open it in your browser. Just right click your mouse on the file, a menu will appear, from that menu select "open with" then choose which ever browser you use, and it should open in that.


I'm not going to answer any questions on raising quail here. If you go through this website, you will find answers to many of your questions.