Georgia Giant Bobwhite Quail

male and female georgia giant quail
Two Male and Female Georgia Giant Bobwhite Quail

I have received several emails, about Raising the Georgia Giant Bobwhite Quail. Although I'm not exactly sure how these quail have evolved, they're of the Bobwhite Specie. Similar to its wild cousin (the northern bobwhite), it's inherent to a large range of the northeastern United States. The Georgia Giant is actually a strong round bird favoring an undersized feathery chicken.

The Northern Bobwhite weighs about six to seven ounces. However, the Georgia Giant Bobwhite can undoubtedly mature to fourteen to sixteen ounces. Comparable to other Bobwhites, it generates a whistle that seems like “bob-bob-white” although its call is frequently not as plain as one coming from the smaller breed of bobwhite.

There are three larger specie of the Bobwhite, that I'm aware of; those being the: Georgia Giant, Wisconsin Jumbo and the Indiana Giant. I believe the Georgia Giant is the largest of the three, it can reach a weight of 16 ounces at maturity. They can be strong fliers, if properly conditioned, productive layers and good for Quail Meat.

These quail can be easily raised in the captive environment. They are relatively disease resistant and are raised the same as the regular Bobwhite.

The Georgia Giants are about 3 times as big as the Northern Bobwhite at maturity. So if you are considering a larger variety of Quail to Raise. You may want to consider Raising the Georgia Giant Quail. The Raising and Production of these larger quail can become a very lucrative business.

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