Raising Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail

The Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail
The Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail

Some Background on the Jumbo Brown Quail

Fact or Fiction? The Jumbo Brown are the result of genetic alterations and/or are hybrids.

The answer would be Fiction!

These birds are an actual bloodline, which took several years to develop. Like another very popular coturnix quail, which we'll discuss on another page, was created at Texas A&M University. Dr. Fred Thornberry wanted to come up with a larger, meatier version of the Coturnix Quail. This was accomplished, not by altering genes, but by very selective cross breeding. He put together only the larger and healthy looking birds and after several years of work and this type of breeding, developed the Jumbo Brown.

Why Raise Jumbo Brown Quail?

Raising Jumbo Brown Coturnix is much the same as any of the coturnix quail specie, with the same incubation period of sixteen to seventeen days and maturity rate of six to eight weeks. Due to the fact that these birds are over twice the size of an average coturnix, they do require double the space. These birds are excellant egg layers and highly regarded for their meat. Unlike the normal coturnix, which may dress out around three to four ounces the Jumbo Brown can dress out up to sixteen ounces. Due to this, these quail are very popular with some restaurants.

Thoughts on Raising These Quail.

If you're looking to get in the business of raising quail, these birds come highly recommended. Because of their quick maturity rate, your overhead can be cut dramatically by only having to feed them for six to eight weeks, unlike other species which would be over twenty. Their also a good choice for just yourself, you get larger and healthier eggs for consumption and more meat.

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