Problems With Raising Quail in Ground Pens

When raising quail in ground pens, this can create many disease problems. Especially when living in a damp or wet environment. The droppings from the quail build up on the ground over time and with wet or damp conditions, this allows bacteria and/or parasites to enter. Once this happens, it will start entering you quail’s system which will cause disease outbreaks.

Some quail breeders may get lucky and be able to avoid this problem for awhile. I have actually heard breeders bragging about never having this problem. If they keep raising their quail on the same ground, under these conditions, it will catch up with them.

The only possible way to raise quail in ground pens without moving them every 3 to 4 months. Would be to live in almost arid conditions. The sun acts as a natural disinfectant and in dry conditions would keep the bacteria and parasites down to a minimum or not allow them to be a factor at all.

Making a Movable Cage for Raising Quail

So what would be the answer to this potential problem:

  1. One solution, would be to have several pens. Start out raising your quail in just one of these pens. Then after the breeding season, if not sooner, move them to your other pen. I say after the breeding season, because when your quail are still breeding, moving them during this period will probably cause stress on your quail and could create a pause in their breeding activitely, unless you have your breeders in separate breeding pens . Then you would need to plow or turn the ground over (very deeply) in the pen that has been used. Doing this will put all of the droppings underground and the sun will disinfect the ground.
  2. The other solution would be to have a movable pen. This would save on the cost of having separate pens. It also may not cause as much stress when moving. You would still have to tend to the ground of the previous location, but it would be a lot easier to get to.

Click Here for Movable Pen Instructions

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