Materials Needed to Construct Coops

When constructing coops you will need to know about how many quail you plan on having. You will also need to know the specie. Bob White Quail should have 1 square foot of floor space per bird. Coturnix Quail, you could probably get by with 50 square inches per bird or just stay with the square foot rule.

When constructing cages you will need two-by-fours and four-byfours for your frame and legs. Exterior grade plywood for the roof and back. You can also use the plywood for the part of your cage you want to use as a shelter area. The shelter area will give your birds a place to protect themselves from the elements.

You will need one-half-inch mesh wire for the floor, front and side without shelter. The half-inch wire is small enough to keep predators out and let droppings fall through.

The height will also be determined by the breed. Coturnix eight to ten-inches high would be sufficient, some breeders will even go a little lower. The low height for the Coturnix Quail keeps the more active birds from flying up and scalping themselves. The Bobwhite Quail eighteen to twenty-four-inches high should be okay.

From these dimensions you should be able to calculate the amount of cage space and material needed.

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