More Coop Information for Raising Quail

When constructing your Quail Coops there is a crucial enemy other then predators, that will have to be considered. This enemy would be Mother Nature. Your Quail will need protection from the elements; wind, rain, heat and cold.

One of the best ways I have found, is to cover at least one third of your Quail Cage with exterior plywood. When Raising Quail in Captivity, you have the job of protecting them. You don’t want to lose your investment for lack of doing so.

You could be a little creative when constructing this shelter. You could paint the outside and put an a-frame type roof on it, something like a dog house. I think these look pretty impressive..

You will also want to create a slight slope to the rest of you roof so the rain can run off. Depending on how high you make your cage, I would decide on the height by convenience. You will need a tarp or something that you can drop around the legs of your coop to protect the quail from drafts.

Remember when preparing to raise quail you need to try and think of all possible problems and address them before you purchase your quail.

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