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Are You Having A Hard Time Figuring Out How To Build A Quail Cage?

You're sure you could build these cages if you just had some quail pen plans for guidence. If this sounds like a problem you're now having, you just found the page you've been looking for.

Gary Ortlieb

Gary Ortlieb,

When starting to raise quail, you're well aware that you will need a cage to keep them in. You probably have the distinct impression that it shouldn't be that difficult to build, but just need a little direction. You may even lack a little confidence because you've never constructed anything like this before.

Your hesitation could also be based upon the fact that you will need to know how to build several different types of cages...

Having thoughts like these can be stressful:

  • You know a brooder is necessary to keep the new-born chicks warm until they completely feather out. How would you go about building something like that?
  • Then they have to be moved to a grow-out pen. You think building something like this would be too hard, but you"re not sure.
  • What are you going to do about the breeding season? Do you just use the colony breeding method, which you've read doesn't work as well or should you build breeder cages, if so, where do you start?
  • You've been all over the Internet and can just find bits and pieces of information, not really what you're looking for.
  • There's always the option of buying quail cages. However, your plans are to raise quite a few quail and realize this could get very expensive.

Maybe you've even gone as far as ordering your quail eggs. With the assumption that finding plans to build a cage would be easily located on the Web. You start searching, get plenty of results but find out the information isn't very detailed.

So what happens now, where are you going to find this information?

Well, I can tell you, that these same questions are being asked by many just starting out.

Our support email receives questions about building cages quite often. These emails create a very significant problem for us as well. We have, what I consider to be, a unique way of building cages. These pens are actually easy to build, but impossible to explain in a simple, short response.

Once this problem was brought to my attention, a solution had to be found. One which would allow us to continue helping people, answer their questions, and do this without overloading our support.

Several possible solutions came to mind that just didn't feel like the best way to teach our methods. Below is a short list of the solutions I thought about:

  • Drawing up quail cage blue prints, I don't like actual blueprints; they can be vague and hard to understand.
  • Writing a report called quail pen plans. Having the ability to see something in text that you can refer to, usually works. However, for the do-it-yourself person, you like the idea of illustrations with instructions.
  • A slide-show with a variety of different already built quail pens. Some people have said, if they could just see a picture, they could build it. I'm sure they could, but would it serve the complete purpose and would this help everyone?

I could only come up with one feasible solution, that I felt would benefit everybody. This was my main reason for developing this page.

So I Created "The Beginner's Guide To Building Quail Cages." Easy To Follow Quail Coop Plans.

I wanted to develop a product that covered all the essential areas related to building quail pens. I also felt that it was necessary to keep the plans relevant to the direction of the website, this being aimed toward the area of beginners to raising quail. While keeping in mind, that we fully expect the people, we help to grow their quail hobby or business. So, while maintaining this type of thought, the quail cage plans that were put together are easily expandable.

This e-book has over one-hundred-fifty pages of step-by-step how to build quail cages plans with more than one-hundred-twenty illustrations. It covers the areas listed below:

  • How to build a brooder.
  • How to build an interior cage.
  • How to build an exterior cage.
  • How to build a ground pen.
  • How to build quail breeding cages.

You may be asking yourself how in the heck would plans for five types of quail cages require over one-hundred-fifty pages? The answer is simple, once I explain what's included in this e-book. I've tried to break down everything to be step-by-step easy, by following the k.i.s.s. method (keep it simple stupid). So here's what you will find:

  • Chapter One: Building a brooder, in this chapter, you will learn how to assemble a brooder which will house around one-hundred chicks for four weeks. It's laid out with straight-forward steps and coinciding illustrations. This brooder can very easily be constructed larger or build multiples if you need to accommodate more chicks at one time.
  • Chapter Two: Constructing an interior quail cage. These plans will demonstrate how to build a cage that will not have to withstand the elements. However, as a special bonus, I'm including several extra optional plans for these types on pens. It will be assembled in a way that a second tier can be added easily. Now for the unique plan, this cage can be built to be used as a simple grow-out pen, or you can make it serve as a breeder pen also. This is done in the early stages and is what I call a dual-purpose cage.
  • Chapter Three: Constructing small nesting houses for inside the cages.
  • Chapter Four: Constructing an exterior quail pen. These plans are very close to being identical to chapter two, with the difference being in making it more weather friendly for the quail. However, I've added something special to this also, which makes it unique. A movable roof, which makes it so much easier,  for adding a second cage on top at a latter time.
  • Chapter Five: This Chapter was hard for me to make myself write, with my feelings about ground cages. I would never use them, nor recommend their use, nevertheless, there's a right way to do just about anything. Therefore, these quail pen plans are unique. With that being said, this whole chapter is basically a bonus. You will learn how to build a small quail house, which, in reality, can be whatever size you need. In order for me to offer plans for a ground pen, I had to devise something that I felt gave the quail the best chance for survival. Whether it's used properly or not, I haven't any control over. However, the plans as supplied, make this ground pen movable, from one side of the quail house to the other.

Quail Coop Plans, Fully Illustrated To Make Construction Easy As Possible.

All the quail cage plans and designs listed in the chapters are completely illustrated and done in step by step order. I did my absolute best to be as detailed as possible. I cannot say with 100% certainty, that nobody else has developed a dual-purpose cage or moveable pen in the manner that we have, however, I do believe they're unique to us.

This section is supposed to be where I go through some type of hyped up sales pitch as to why you need this e-book. I should also be throwing out numbers of what the actual cost should be and how much this information is really worth. However, rather than waste your time and mine, I'm just going to give you the actual price I decided on. To show that I meant what I said earlier, that getting this information out, would not only help you, but would also help us. I'm only going to charge $9.00, for all of these cage plans. So you will receive the complete step-by-step fully illustrated sets of plans including the unique types of cages all for the low price of $9.00.

You even have 30 days to evaluate this information.

Our Gaurantee

I am so confident that this e-book guide of quail pen plans will help you design and build your cages properly. That I am going to give you a 30 day 100% unconditional guarantee. If you don't find the information in this book helpful in any way. Just email me within the 30 day period and I will refund you the full amount of your purchase. No questions asked.

Purchase this e-book, download and be Reading it Today. 

Remember,you have 1 full month to read "The Beginners Guide To Building Quail Cages"and test the knowledge yourself!

Quail Cage plans

Important Please Read the Information Below:

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If you're not sure what an ebook (electronic book) is, or how it works, click on this link: sample ebook by clicking on this link, 3 pages of the ebook will open in a new window. Click the back arrow in your browser to return to this site.

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If your not familiar with downloading files, don't worry it happens all the time.

You can just email me: support@howtoraisequail.com after your purchase and I can send you the download as an email attachment.

May all your Quail be healthy and productive,

PS. By purchasing "The Beginner's Guide To Building Quail Cages" you will have all your cage contructing questions answered.

P.P.S. For all the time and money that have been invested in the production of these quail cage plans, this low $9.00 fee, is completely insane.

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