Video Gallery On Raising Quail

Demonstrating Different Size Quail Farms, a Variety of Cage Styles, Both Homemade and Purchased.

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Raising Quail For Business or Hobby

A quail breeder, in east java Indonesia, who is successfully leveraging the third floor of his house to cultivate 10 thousand quails, and getting production.

This short video clip is a great example of raising Coturnix as a hobby. Most of the equipment is homemade, showing several self made brooders and some four day old chicks.

How to Raise Quail Economically.

A very nice homemade Coturnix Quail Cage setup and homemade feeders that save on waste.

Some good ideas on setting up your hobby, when on a budget.

With a Creative Mind and a Little Skill, You Can Make Almost Everything Needed For Raising Quail.

This gentleman has constructed a nice cage for the colony breeding of quail.

Some ideas for a homemade brooder and grow-out pens.

Sexing The Coturnix Quail

Sexing the Coturnix Quail by the black spots on the breasts of females and no spots on the males.

Sexing the Coturnix by their chest doen't always work, when in doubt, you must go to the vent and check for a bulbous area and give it a little squeeze as demonstrated in this video.

Egg Production and Step by Step Pickling of Coturnix Eggs.

The Coturnix quail is capable of laying one egg per day, when these three esswentials com together:

  • Diet
  • Amount of Light
  • The right temperature

Forty nine eggs from 14 quail in five days.

Step by step instructions on how to boil and pickle the small coturnix egg.

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