Raising Bobwhite For Release

The environment needed for the bobwhite quail to survive in the wild is being decimated. This fact, makes raising bobwhite quail for release, with intentions of restocking your area, a difficult decision. Keeping this in mind. is it really worth the time, money and effort you put into raising bobwhite for this purpose. Especially, knowing that the flock you put into the wild will more than likely be gone within two years.

Bobwhite A Diminishing Specie In The Wild

This raises the question of; how did this happen? In my opinion, it's due to the urban growth which has limited the supply of food to the many predators that will feed on quail. The bobwhite have very limited access to areas that their natuarl instincts tell them to seek out. It's become hard for these quail to find shelter from the elements and the proper vegetation needed for their survival. The quail that find a proper environment, end up being food for other animals, trying to survive. Thus the disappearance of the specie.

Nature: Spotting a scarce bobwhite quail

"The bird threw back his head and whistled the legendary two-note call, sounding as if he was fluting his name, bob-white, with the second note an octave higher than the first. It's a call that brought back memories of days gone by when bobwhites were abundant in prairies, farm fields and open woodlands." Read More..
A Male Bobwhite hoping to find a female mate.

The only solution that I can see to prevent this inevitable disaster. Is for every single person that cares, to get on the phone and call there State Wildlife and Game Agency. Complain about the bobwhite quail situation and ask them what they're going to do about it.

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