Raising Quail as a Hobby

Raising quail can be a wonderful hobby to take on actively, or to just sit back and enjoy watching and listening to their calls. Raising quail as a hobby can involve a lot of time or very little, depending on what you're looking to get out of this experience. If this is a hobby you're just looking to try, with reservations, you would want to start out small and keep cost down.

An Economical Way to Start Raising Quail

The best and most economical way would be to construct a small quail cage and purchase a couple pair of adult Coturnix or Bobwhite. Many enjoy the call of the Bobwhite, opposed to the Coturnix, however, I feel the Coturnix is easier to raise. Starting in this manner would keep the cost and amount of your time to a minimum. The only interaction the quail would require is fresh food, water, their cage kept clean and eggs gathered. This option will give you an idea of what raising quail is all about and allows room to pursue this hobby on a larger scale, gradually. The eggs these quail produce can be hard boiled and eaten, which is very good by the way, or incubated.

Is the Coturnix the Best Choice to Raise for You?

The Coturnix Quail in less than half the time it takes other speicies of quail. It's ready to eat by six weeks of age and laying good eggs by eight weeks. Other quail, including the Bobwhite, take twelve to sixteen weeks of age for eating purposes and twenty-two to twenty-five weeks to be laying quality eggs. It's really just a matter of choice as to which quail to raise as a hobby.

Gradually Up scaling the Hobby of Raising Quail

When starting your hobby of raising quail in the manner we just covered, it can be easily up scaled. You started out with adult quail that are now laying eggs, like this hobby and want to raise these quail from chicks to adult. There are several options available to do this:

  1. Purchasing quail chicks, would get you out of the gate quickly and null the possibility of a bad hatch rate. It would also save on the cost of an incubator, however, you would need purchase or build a brooder and know how to use it. This option would take away any risk of a bad hatch rate or no hatch at all.
  2. Purchasing an incubator and start hatching the eggs your adult quail are already laying. Obviously, these adult quail would actually need to be male and female, producing fertile eggs. If you've acquired the knowledge needed to properly incubate eggs. You could start out with a small, cheap incubator and while you're waiting for the quail eggs to hatch, setup a small brooder.

Using either one of the options above would definitely get you more involved in the actual raising aspect. The hobby of raising quail can be full of excitement, with both highs and lows, it really depends on what level you start at, the knowledge you have and how far into it you want to go.

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