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Sharing Their Quail Raising Experience

Send us Pictures of your quail and share some of your experience in Raising Quail. We will be glad to add them to this portion of the web site.

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The Photos below are from the "Lillie Family".

Dean, Pam, Nicole and Nathan from Cambridge, Ontario Canada.

The Lillie Families Quail

How The Lillie Family Got Started Raising Quail

lt started back in the spring time, we were in a pet store and our son noticed these little birds on the botton of a cage. He was curious and asked about them....they were Button quails. We left the pet store and thats all we heard from our son for the next few days....he even did abit of research on the internet, his interest grew more and more.

The next thing l knew we were back at the pet store buying these cute little button quail and we really knew nothing about them...from there the interest grew as we researched more on the internet.

Since then we grew to 6 pairs of button quail, 4 pairs of Bob white quail, 1 pair of Gambel quail, 1 pair of California Valley quail, 3 hens and 1 cock of the Coturnix quail and 1 pair of Golden pheasants...
The Lillie Family

Raising Quail With a Cat

Photos from "Penny Carmain".

Quail Breeders in Turkey

Our friend from Turkey, Kazim Varol says his grandson's (shown below) eats quail eggs everyday.

Quail Raised In Turkey

These Different Coturnix Quail Species and BobWhite were Raised by the Quail Breeders above in Turkey.