Raising Quail To Sell

You Raise Quail as a Hobby But Now Want a Business

You've been raising quail as a hobby and feel as though you're knowledgeable enough to start producing in larger numbers to sell. So, do you just start producing a large amount of product and then look for buyers? Do you think because your quail are of the highest quality, buyers will just come knocking on your door? If you answered yes to either of these questions, odds are, you would lose a lot of money. However, the chance does exist that you could get lucky, find these buyers and your quail business could flourish. It's really a matter of your willingness to take the risk or if you're willing to bet your money and all the time on luck. This is something to think about.

Another reason you could be thinking of taking your hobby into raising quail for money, is that you have a considerable amount of people, already asking you to sell them quail. Obviously, this would be a good thing and even better if they continue to come back, wanting more than you have to sell. This would be a good reason to increase production, to satisfy the need. That statement alone should answer any question you have about raising quail to make money. Find out if there is a need first, then produce the product to fulfill the need.

Be Legal if Raising Quail For Business

Check on the laws of your state, providence or country and the requirements you need to meet, in order to start a quail business. Being legal is essential, then, do you have a customer base that will justify the means.

Is There a Market For My Quail

Before investing money into larger incubators, bigger brooding and housing facilities, do some market research. Contact restaurants, hunting preserves, and grocery stores, if they say they're interested, get it in writing. People in business, sometimes will tell you what you want to hear and send you on your way. Don't let this happen, you need binding and legal contracts signed. Of course, they will want to sample the product first, they will only accept the highest of quality and that's what you produce, right?

Once you've covered all the basis, then figure out, if the need is there ready for you to satisfy. Then and only then, would raising quail for money be feasible.

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