Know What Quail Specie Your Going to Raise

If you're getting ready to start raising quail, odds are, you probably already know the specie you want to start with. Some of the most common species raised are:

  • Coturnix quail, Jumbo Brown, Texas A&M, the white quail and Pharoh LD1.
  • Bobwhite quail, Georgia Giant and Wisconsin Jumbo.
  • California Valley Quail
  • Gambel quail

I personally think a quail of the coturnix specie is the best for starting out with, I feel it's the easiest, least expensive, matures fast and great layers.

Many will put the bobwhite quail in the category of easy to raise and recommend them to beginners. If done right, they're not bad, however, much more costly and take six months, before any production.

They both adapt well to the captive environment and both are fairly disease resistant. Your management practices will have a lot to do with controlling disease. Both the birds can become aggressive during breeding season, but for us, the bobwhite get extremely that way.

The coturnix don't need near the floor space per bird or the height the bobwhite require. They are happy staying on the floor of the pen, these birds, will however, fly straight up, when startled. For this reason, the height of the cage can be ten inches or less, which will help prevent injury to these quail.

The Bob White on the other hand do like to roost off of the floor so their coops should be between 18″ to 24″ high. They should also have branches to roost on. No Cedar!

There are many different Species of Quail. But if you are just starting to Raise Quail. I recommend starting with one of these two. One important thing to keep in mind. Is it is Highly Recommended to never mix species.

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