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Don't Start Raising Quail, Without Getting All Your Questions Answered First.

Having Solutions To Quail Raising Problems is a Good Thing, Preventing Them is Even Better..

The Beginners Guide To Raising Quail was originally built around selling this raising quail guide. It was written based on the knowledge of several quail breeders, including myself and others. The e-book will take you from purchasing your first incubator to having your own quail, to eat or laying eggs. Also included are four small bonus e-books, this entire set will get you going in the right direction.

5 E-books on raising quail

The Beginners Guide To Starting a Quail Business

Most people get into raising quail as a hobby or for their own personal use. However, there are some that want to take it beyond and start their own business. You could be one of these individuals, with bigger dreams. The Starting a Quail Business e-book will point you in the right direction. It will help take you through the differnt steps of finding if there's a market for your product, knowing your competition and much more...

An e-book on how to start and run a quail business

The Beginners Guide To Building Quail Cages

Building quail cages, usually becomes a concern for most people getting into raising quail. This e-book is geared to help those who have even the slightest bit of building knowledge. You will be shown how to construct a brooder, off the ground wire floor cages and our least favorite of all, ground cages. We do show you a way to construct the ground cages to help avoid disease for your quail.

An e-book on how to build quail cages

Bundle Packages To Save You Money

All the fore mentioned e-books, at one time were sold separatly, and we noticed more often than not, customers purchasing two or even all three of our e-books. We realized that without having a shopping cart set up on this site, they would have to make several transactions in order to do this. Obviously, the people doing so were helping us out and needed more information than was contained in one purchase. So, in order to make things easier and less complicated, we decided to create bundles by putting combinations of these e-books together. By doing this, it's less hassle on our customers and it was a way to save you some money as well.

All our e-books on raising quail

Informative Articles

Over the years, we've added quite a few articles on raising Quail to this site. They're in many different categories on this subject. Incubating, brooding, different quail species, egg handling, farm management and much more. The articles don't go near as deep as the e-books but they can certainly be helpful. You can see a short excerpt from one of our articles, on the right.

An article excerpt on raising quail

Visitors Quail Gallery

We're always looking for website visitors to share pictures of their quail raising experiences, farm setup or basically any photos related to quail. Just email the picts to our support email address Your pictures will be added to the visitors gallery only within several days. We do not sell or distribute them in any way. This is a way to show off your setup, to the world, we get visitors from over thirty different countries, in fact, there are photos in the gallery from quail breeders that live in Turkey.

images sent to us from our visitors on raising quail

Our Forum

At one time the forum was going very strong, all the wonderful people that were taking advantge of this learning tool, have disappeared. We did suffer a bad experience during that time. We tried making the forum an easy sign up and start posting, this was working very well for everybody. We went a little over a week without checking the content being posted, this also was working very well. Then, one day when we checked, the forum had been hit hard by porn spammers. It was a very horrific experience, one that we certainly didn't want happening again. This caused certain measures to be taken that we were trying to avoid. We now, screen every signup's ip address, before allowing a membership and posting privledges. Anyone who signs up, has their ip address captured by the forum software, we them manually run these through a known spammers database, which is updated frequently. Once all of this has been done, if no spam has come from the ip, the membership is activated and the person has access to the forum. We hope people start taking advantage of it again, however, there is still a lot of good information there.

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An article excerpt on raising quail

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