Why Raise Coturnix Quail

When it comes to raising quail for meat or eggs, the Coturnix Quail should be highly considered. This bird stands out for it’s quickness to reach maturity. It would not be unheard of to start out with just 2 male and 4 female Coturnix, then 6 months later have well over 130 these quail.

These quail adapt very well to a captive environment. They actually aren't very well suited for the wild. The coturnix, in my opinion, are the best specie for the beginner to raise.

The Coturnix reaches maturity at about six weeks of age and with proper pairing and nutrition could be producing fertile eggs, ready for incubation at 8 weeks of age. Most other breeds will take up to 26 weeks to reach this type of maturity.

  1. These quail become a liability after 8 months of age with a life expectancy of only a year. Time to change breeders.
  2. Lower hatch rates than other species. An 80% hatch rate for this specie would be excellent. It's usually less, especially when starting out, gatting your settings right, can take a few tries.

I personally think the plus side of raising this specie of quail out weighs the negatives of raising the Coturnix Quail.

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